Stage 1 Genesis Private Epoch

Stage 1 Genesis Private Epoch

Solayer Core

May 16, 2024

Solayer has been in the works since end of 2023 with a small lean engineering team. In April, we published an article detailing our vision to advance Solana as the backbone of decentralized security and infrastructure. We are grateful for the significant interest garnered since. The concept of restaking is becoming increasingly well-known and is gradually being adopted by various players in the Solana ecosystem. We are excited to see how our approach will evolve, distinctly different from implementations on Ethereum, and welcome all shared security infrastructure protocols to tap in.

Special thanks to the many supporters in both the Solana and Ethereum ecosystems. Whether founders, builders, and the early Discord joiners, your feedback has been invaluable and crucial to our engineering, product development, and more. To that, we will deliberate a healthy and steady release of the full system.

Ok. Let's carry on -

The initial phase of the Solayer Stage 1 release is centered on establishing a robust and balanced security foundation. This begins with the Genesis Epoch, a private, time-limited, and cap-limited deposit phase. Please refer to our previous 2 blog posts detailing governance and security. The contract is governed by a multisig for maximum checks and balances, and audited by Otter.sect.

Native SOL restake pool

LST pool is available to the following protocols
1. Marinade-SOL
2. Blaze-SOL
4. INF

Please note that for native restaking pool, SOL holders that deposit will earn the base Solana MEV-boosted yield in addition to restaking provided reward. Read more here.

If you are a protocol and have a liquid staking token, we will release information on "SIP" as a mechanism in adding your pool.

Private Access

Solayer is launching Stage 1 with a 24-hour private access period exclusively for invite-only community members to participate in the cap-limited restaking pools. This program is accessible only to whitelisted addresses that have been invited and provided with a unique access code. Our goal is to ensure that our Stage 1 system is balanced and thoroughly battle-tested. The invite-only epoch allows us to collaborate closely with a select group of depositors and early supporters. As the protocol is in its early stages, it is crucial to always Do Your Own Research before participating in any protocol.

Cap Limit

The first epoch ends within 24 hours, with a deposit cap of 20M US Dollars. The limit will be expanded in Epoch 1.


We have passed out a few invite codes throughout the past few months if you'd been following us SUPER early on. In addition to that, we know the Solana community has been through thick and thin, and therefore will automatically whitelist long-term power users of Solana, in the following groups:

  • Top traders of Orca

  • Top traders of Raydium 

  • Tensorian holders

[note: we weren't able to include other protocols due to the difficulty of indexing :( we will do a better job next time]


Friends don't let friends earn less. Each participant who passed out 5 invite codes for their friends for an additional 15% of their referral value accrued. This is paused at Epoch 0.

Get Started

Please find the tutorial here


Restaked assets will be locked until Epoch 3. After Epoch 3 and before the launch of Stage 2, all assets will be fully withdrawable.

Why are we building Solayer?

Solana has focused on vertical scaling as a starting point, and has advanced into an irreplaceable position with solidified infrastructure and network effects that can handle applications that are intense in computation and capacity. In the coming year, we are excited about and hope to lead the movement of "scaling out" of the Solana base chain. Restaking taps into extending Solana as a leading player with monetary and infrastructure premium. Through it, our vision is to enable more distributed systems and workloads being built on top of Solana.

Lastly, Genesis Epoch will be activated on May 16th 12PM PST, and ends on May 17th 12PM PST.

Please contact us in Discord to open tickets if you have any questions or difficulty.


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Solayer leverages the economic principles of staking to extend the security of Solana's base layer.

©2024 Solayer · All Rights Reserved


Solayer leverages the economic principles of staking to extend the security of Solana's base layer.

©2024 Solayer · All Rights Reserved