Solayer: restaking-secured app-networks on Solana

Solayer: restaking-secured app-networks on Solana

Solayer Core

Apr 8, 2024

TLDR: Solayer powers a network of systems secured through Solana’s economic security and execution.

Solana’s premium vertical stack 

Solana's Layer 1 architecture comes with advanced vertical scaling features that were largely operational right from the start. This contrasts with other ecosystems that are still in progress of adding similar capabilities through improvement proposals. 

Namely – The SVM with its Sealevel runtime enables parallel processing. The efficient and fast ordering of transactions is enabled by protocols like Gulf Streaming and Proof of History, etc. 

The shifting paradigm

We’re seeing a paradigm shift towards efficient distribution of workloads at scale as Solana becomes mainstream. 

The pioneers in distributed systems design in the internet era began with vertical scaling, and eventually scaled-out as more people gained access to the internet. 

Originally AWS was tailored for its e-commerce platform scalability. However, as it developed, it transitioned to a horizontal scaling model with services like EC2, enabling virtual server clusters customizable by compute, storage, and memory. Now, AWS hosts 3.2 million applications. 

Similarly, app builders at scale want more TPS, less competition for blockspace, lower fees, and the aggregate economics that their business generates. 

What is Solayer  

A network of app-chains extended natively by Solana’s economic security and execution.

The internet – Solana 

The cloud – Solayer

Web applications – SVN (Shared Validator Network)

Solana as the internet layer provides how data, trust, and money travel. Solayer leverages its economic security and premium execution as the decentralized cloud infrastructure to enable higher degree of consensus and blockspace customization for application developers. 

The out-of-box instance of a Solana SVN includes

  • Localized blockspace 

  • Localized transaction sequencing 

  • Localized state management 

  • Powered by Solana Virtual Machine 

Without foregoing economic trust, the application-specific networks are secured with out-of-box consensus through the restaked SOL and LST, and eventually dual-staked assets. 

What do we envision in 10 years? 

At Solayer, we envision solana becoming the backbone of future decentralized networks and economy. We become the cloud infrastructure that enables scalable and sophisticated applications towards wide adoption. 

Our team is composed of seasoned builders and researchers in the distributed systems, cryptography, security, and DeFi world. We’ve helped build many industry's household names, and are excited to advance alongside and contribute towards the Solana ecosystem.

We have a lot to release and showcase. Mainnet is coming sooner than you think! 

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Solayer leverages the economic principles of staking to extend the security of Solana's base layer.

©2024 Solayer · All Rights Reserved


Solayer leverages the economic principles of staking to extend the security of Solana's base layer.

©2024 Solayer · All Rights Reserved