What can you build on Solayer?

What can you build on Solayer?

Solayer Core

May 31, 2024

Key takeaways

  • Solayer enables developers to create both exogenous AVSs, such as bridges and oracles, and native Solana applications through endogenous AVSs, enhancing the overall ecosystem.

  • For a deeper dive into our Request-for-AVSs, check this link.

Our request-for-AVSs list 

Solayer enables developers to build not only exogenous AVSs (Autonomous Value Services) such as bridges, oracles, and other off-chain components, as seen in EigenLayer, but also supports native Solana applications through endogenous AVSs. Here are some experimental AVSs that showcase the potential of Solayer:

  1. MEV Management

    • Preventing Miner Extractable Value (MEV) is a significant challenge in all blockchains. Solutions like Jito Stakenet, which auctions blockspace on Solana and distributes rewards to users, can be implemented as AVS within Solayer. This system uses Solana’s main chain for disputes and slashes dishonest validators using Solayer’s unique super-majority consensus.

  2. Public Auctions of Blockspace with Restaking Security

    • Multiple validators can bid on blockspace, with the highest bidder gaining the right to create the block. Malicious validators who attempt to create blocks after losing the auction will be slashed.

  3. Public Auctions of MEV Opportunities with Restakers

    • Solayer validator clusters identify MEV opportunities like arbitrage and liquidation. These are auctioned publicly, and the winning bidder gets the right to extract MEV, with slashing mechanisms in place for fair play.

  4. MEV-Channel

    • This AVS can build a communication channel between native “collators” that capture MEV and validators. Collators bundle MEV-capturing transactions and send them to validators, incentivizing honest behavior through native tokens and slashing.

  5. MEV-Boost

    • Inspired by Ethereum’s MEV-boost, this design separates block builders from proposers. Block builders compete to create the most profitable blocks and propose them to the network. Validators then select the best proposed block, and rewards are distributed among participants.

  6. Node Operators within SVN as Transaction Sequencers

    • Instead of validators, dedicated node operators can be responsible for transaction ordering, following predefined AVS rules. Malicious behavior results in slashing.

  7. Decentralized Mining Pool

    • Miners register and stake tokens to join a decentralized mining pool, contributing computational power to solve cryptographic puzzles. They are rewarded for valid contributions and slashed for malicious behavior.

  8. Decentralized Carbon Credits

    • Third-party data providers verify the carbon impact of electricity produced by solar panels. Validators can opt-in to mint, verify, and manage the status, ownership, and history of carbon credits.

  9. Decentralized Sequencer

    • Validators are selected for transaction ordering based on their stake, aligning with PoS security principles.

  10. Decentralized GPU Cluster

    • Entities contribute GPUs for computational tasks like training machine learning models. Participants pledge security bonds using SOL, and the AVS distributes workloads, ensuring performance and slashing non-compliant entities.

  11. Solana as the Base Data Availability Layer

    • Solana’s high throughput and low latency make it an ideal candidate for handling data availability. Solayer aims to provide Solana-powered DA primitives for AVS, using temporary proof slots for data uploads and releases.


Solayer aims to address the needs of developers by providing a system where they can focus on their core value propositions without having to rebuild infrastructure. This involves establishing a security bond infrastructure, creating a base yield layer with configurable parameters, and bringing validator bandwidth prioritization based on stake weights closer to end users. Solayer is set to transform the Solana ecosystem by enabling the creation of diverse and innovative AVSs, enhancing the network's security, performance, and usability.

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Solayer leverages the economic principles of staking to extend the security of Solana's base layer.

©2024 Solayer · All Rights Reserved


Solayer leverages the economic principles of staking to extend the security of Solana's base layer.

©2024 Solayer · All Rights Reserved